Waverunner Modular Sofa Reviews-Ergonomic Seating With A Trendy Twist

waveRemember that Beach Boys song called Catch A Wave? Who knew that a sofa could make us feel like we are riding on a wave of body-hugging comfort like a baby cradled in a cocoon? Waverunner sectionals, chairs and sofas are in a unique class all by themselves. This particular style of furniture appeals to the young at heart who want trendy decor, but refuse to sacrifice casual comfort to get it. Some people dislike structured furniture with rigid springs, rock-hard cushions and nothing to conform to the natural shape of their bodies.

They are looking for something different. The best way  I can describe a Waverunner Modular Sofa is a mix between between a high-end bean bag chair cushioned with high-density foam, not beans, and a strong inflatable sofa that easily contours to your body.

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The Cool Design Concept Behind Waverunner Furniture

purple-waverunner-sofa-setLook at this bold purple sectional set; it’s incredibly trendy to say the least. When I first learned about the waverunner style of furniture, I had to do a double-take. This furniture is different! More than different.

Waverunner sectionals, sofas and ottomans have these interesting features:

* No legs. They sit as low-profile pieces directly on the floor.

* A deeply scooped out lumbar region that was made to cradle the body in comfort.

* A crinkly, wrinkly,  cute Shar Pei puppy appearance that is endearing to people who think these kind of textures are cozy and comfy.


Bright, Bold Upholstery Choices For  Dramatic Rooms

orange-waverunner-sofa-setOrange you glad manufacturers make upholstery colors for folks who love orange? This is a real flip from buying a dark brown sofa then filling it up with orange throw pillows. Instead, you can get your fill of happy, cheerful orange with bold sets like this one.

Not everyone is into safe neutral shades for their interior spaces. As a matter of fact, many people are still afraid to use bold colors in the home.  Furniture like this is the perfect opportunity to show off your fearlessness and ingenuity when it comes to creating a statement about who you are.

What would you think and feel if you walked into a room that looked like the photo shown here? I would  think that a fun, relaxed, optimistic, sociable and outgoing person lives here.

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What Kind Of People This Avante Garde Style Appeals To


Waverunner seating is unique, trendy and very different from what we consider “normal” styles for sectionals, loveseats and chairs. This design will appeal to certain people, but be too odd or unpractical for certain tastes. Here are a few scenarios that would be perfect for  Waverunner decor:

* Just like the images shown on this page, the urban loft space is the perfect setting for a sectional set of this design. Loft spaces can give off a “cold and barren” vibe. The Waverunner adds coziness and warmth; much like a soft nest to settle into.

* The Waverunner, with its bold colors, textured upholstery and low-profile would fit in perfectly  as modern seating decor for nightclubs, restaurants, pubs and V.I.P. lounges. The customers might not ever want to leave.

* Game rooms, family rooms, music rooms or any area of the home where young people can enjoy their hobbies and have friends over. Waverunners are cool for teenagers and young adults that appreciate un-stuffy decor with a casual vibe.

The Pitfalls Of  The Waverunner Seating Construction

Waverunner designs are special. However, they have certain design aspects that can be construed as negative. Before anyone considers buying an entire room full of this furniture consider these pitfalls:

  • They sit close to the ground. Do you have bad knees, weak legs or are you older? Low-profile seating can cause major headaches in these instances.
  • If you have cats with claws or pets that shed,  maintenance will be much harder if they are allowed on or around this type of fabric.
  • Think about your accessories and things like end tables or coffee tables that normally come with legs that work for taller sofas. Your tables will have to be low-profile as well.
  • No arm support.


The Decorating Benefits Of Ultra-Trendy Sofa Designs Like This One

Although the low-rider style and “boneless” framework of Waverunner seating does have its bad points, there are some positive benefits to consider:

  • The style is welcoming, casual and relaxed. If you want your guests, visitors and close friends to feel completely at home when they come over, this design is perfect.
  • Waverunner furniture gives you permission to enjoy family cuddle nights, game nights or watching the late, late show nibbling popcorn guilt-free as opposed to more formal sofa styles.
  • Dust bunnies can’t gather and hide because the set hugs the floor. A major plus for dust-bunny hunting haters everywhere!
  • The pieces mix and match which lets you set up your room just the way you like it.
  • You can finally go over the rainbow with your room decor; a purple loveseat, orange sectional and red chair can get you started. These pieces come in many different colors.



Image Credit: Flickr.com, Big Wave Surfing in Tahiti at Teahupoo by Duncan Rawlinson, no modifications, https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/2.0/