Top-Rated Sectional Sofas With Built-In Recliner

I suppose it isn’t too farfetched to say that we expect a lot from our furniture in these modern times. The families of yesteryear were content just to have a sofa in the front parlor where a guest could sit and visit for a short while before leaving. Now that we have so many electronic gadgets to enjoy indoors at home, we want more than great-looking furniture. We want seating that provides comfort for longer periods of time. We want to be able to kick up our feet, turn on our favorite game or video, set our drinks and snacks next to us and enjoy our downtime. The seating pieces shown here are less about creating an untouchable museum-type room and more about creating rooms that are meant to be lived in, enjoyed and used as a family gathering spot.

Black Leather Motion Home Theater Sectional Sofa Couch


No matter how it’s constructed, black leather furniture makes a huge decorating statement. Just like white products, black upholstery is an acquired taste that most people will either love or hate. Leather has both a good side and a bad side. The bad side is the price; genuine leather furniture can come with a hefty price tag. The good news is the durability factor.

A tough, good-quality leather sofa can last for years and years. It has the unmistakeable look of luxury and class that only real leather can produce. Although the customer reviews for this sectional are small in number, they are very positive. The Home Theater Sectional gets a 4.6 out of 5-stars on


AC Pacific David Dual Reclining Sectional Sofa and Loveseat, Mocha Brown/Dark Brown


This is a very unique design. It has that fluffy marshmallow appearance that makes each seating area stand out from the one next to it.  I have never seen a style like this before. The manufacturer of this piece must have had the comfort of each individual person in mind when the concept was planned. Why? Because today’s families want more from their furniture than just an untouchable showpiece. This one has a 5-star rating by the small number of existing owners who chose to leave  feedback.

Another downside to searching for great furniture bargains online is that some products sell out quickly. Either the manufacturer doesn’t ship enough to the seller, or it takes a few weeks to construct and ship out more inventory. The last time I checked on this sectional, it was out of stock. You can check to see whether Amazon has restocked this item here.

Coaster Clifford Double Reclining Sofa in Brown Leather Match

Imagine you and your loved one both coming home from a hard day’s work and arguing about who is going to get to put their feet up on the one lone recliner in the living room. That scenario has probably prompted many families into the idea of buying a set that has reclining areas for more than one person. I love the idea behind a double-reclining sofa. Family time spent in comfort, visitors that can relax and stay awhile, and even a cozy spot to meditate and daydream are a few of the positive benefits.

The Coaster Company has a surprising array of home furnishings that include much more than office desks and book cases. The Clifford set doesn’t have much feedback on Amazon, but the few existing owners gave it a 5-star rating for comfort, quality, looks and function.