Tight Back Sofa Review- The 2 Piece Montereal Sectional In Slate

Each and every home decorator has his or her own individual taste when it comes to a favorite sofa style. Some of us love the loose cushion look. Others prefer what is known as a “tight back” design. A tight back sofa is made so that the back cushion area is part of the structure of the frame and cannot be lifted off or flipped. Featured here is one tight back sectional model that has many reviews and decent ratings on Amazon.com; the Montereal.

The 2-Piece Chaise Sectional Montereal by Poundex with Faux Linen Fabric in Slate


What It Comes With:

  • The Montereal sectional is upholstered in microfiber materials.montereal-sectional-tightback-style
  • It is classified as a convertible style that lets you set up the chaise portion on either the left or the right.
  • You get 2 decorative pillows that are 16″ by 16″ inches , instructions and assembly tools with purchase.
  • Smooth, tight back design, contemporary flair, sturdy block legs.
  • Comes with  steel bars for attaching the chaise to the sofa body securely.


See the reviews, check specifications and learn more on Amazon.com.


What People Are Saying:

  • The cushions are firm. Some people like that, others find them too hard and not cozy enough.
  • A few people had complaints about the odor of the product; one mentioned it being “stinky” and giving off fumes for about a week.
  • Lots of color comparisons, but the general consensus is that this slate color has brown in it, so it isn’t a true neutral  gray. It is probably better to expect something in the Griege or Taupe family, a combo of brown and gray.
  • Some people found it hard to read assembly instructions; others said it was a breeze.


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My  Personal Viewpoint:

  • I have had both loose back and tight back sofas in my day and I definitely prefer the tight back style like this one. This is because I am a re-arranger, a couch book reader and slip cover fanatic. I dislike having to fluff up sofa cushions every time I get up, although many people enjoy flipping loose back cushions to preserve the integrity of the upholstery fabric.
  • The color is okay, but not my style. I can see how this shade would work well for families that enjoy contemporary furniture, yet might have little ones around the house. The shade is a good stain hider.
  • The Montereal is a pretty good bargain money-wise if everything goes smoothly with purchase; meaning no shipping issues, missing parts, blurry instructions,  e.t.c.
  • The  new-product chemical “smelliness” of the sectional may be too much for folks with allergies, infants and sensitive respiratory systems.
  • I would probably consider buying this if Amazon had it on sale under $600 dollars. Some buyers paid more than this, others way less. I would then invest in a clothes pin for my nose while my new sectional was “airing out”.


Cons: Short little sloping arms may bother some people ( the sofas arms, of course 🙂 ) . Not a lot of extra padding on the back.  ” Stinky ” chemical fumes from the warehouse that can linger for awhile.

Pros: Affordable and stylish sectional design for any contemporary decor. The Slate color is a good stain hider. The price can go as low $500 with free shipping included; a good deal for frugal decorating budgets.


Montereal by Poundex with Faux Linen Fabric in Slate