The Samuel Sectional By Coaster Furniture

Researching sofa brands and designs can be a very interesting pastime from an artistic viewpoint. Just like fashion creates a certain vibe or statement, so does the shade, shape and construction of a particular sectional model. Some folks love rustic, warm interiors and choose a sofa that blends in with this theme. Others go for linear, clean neutrals in their choice of seating pieces.  Many of us want simple, down-home furniture that not only looks nice, but feels great to sit in and just “live”. One sectional that has a cozy family-friendly vibe is a model by Coaster Furniture called the Samuel.

Samuel Sectional by Coaster Furniture With Optional Ottoman In Brown


samual-sectional-by-coaster-furnitureWhat It Comes With:

  • Upholstered in 100% bonded leather materials and constructed with a hardwood frame.
  • The sectional is manufactured in four pieces; two loveseat sections, one armless seat section and the corner seat section.
  • Pocket coil spring system in the cushion design.
  • Cushions are attached and non-reversible.
  • Decorative baseball stitching for added beauty.

What People Are Saying:

  • There is enough room for even tall people to stretch out and be comfortable.
  • The Samuel is easy to put together; simply attach the legs and the four pieces.
  • The bonded leather material seems to hold up nicely to everyday life; kids, pets and daily use with no chipping, peeling or drying out.
  • The corner piece is sharply angled to fit snugly into corner wall spaces unlike u-shaped models that hog up floor room.
  • The Samuel comes with metal reinforcements that hold the whole sofa together to prevent sliding and separation on bare floors.
  • The price versus quality is satisfactory for buyers. People seem well-pleased with this product; even long after purchase.


 My Personal Viewpoint:

  • Baseball Stitch
    Baseball Stitch

    This is another sectional that has a low volume of feedback, but the feedback it has received is mostly positive. With so many lemons out there, the Samuel appears to be a safe option to consider.

  • Although I am personally not a fan of brown sofas, I can definitely see how this rich shade would appeal to more members of the family than another color. I do see the Samuel as a nice family sectional that comes at a decent price point.
  • I like the way you can switch the layout from left to right.
  • Having metal attachments is a huge plus for fuss-free seating.
  • Both the back and seat cushions are non-reversible which may be a plus or a con depending on how you look at it. That’s probably what I like about this model the best; the back cushions look fluffy and loose, but they aren’t going anywhere.  When you have a major-traffic sofa, arranging and rearranging cushions is a real chore.

  See the Samuel Sectional by Coaster Furniture


View the texture and dimensions up close. 


The rich brown shade of the Samuel sectional featured on this page appears to look more expensive than the color shown in the above video. Dark leathers are considered more opulent and smack of sophisticated taste and personal refinement. That is why the design elements of a sofa are much more than just their shape and size.  Every sofa has its own personal vibe, connection with past, present or future and a story to tell.

After watching the above video, I am struck by the noticeable thickness and sturdiness of the bonded leather upholstery. It looks like it can handle the realities of daily life and frequent use well. For people who love warm, rustic and inviting rooms, the Samuel makes a good-looking low-risk option to consider.