What Makes A Good Man-Cave Sofa? A Lesson For The Ladies

Ladies, hGuys sitting aroundave you ever wondered what men find desirable in the way of sofa styles if they could create their own perfect man-cave environment?

I  found a guy that was willing to enlighten me on this topic and here is what he had to say:


” Your man-cave is your sanctuary. Whether your lair of masculinity is located in the spare bedroom, the room over your garage, or down in your basement, it needs to be a place where you and your best bros can chill out, lean back, drink a few microbrews, and just be guys. Yelling at the TV is expected, audible belching is always allowed, and no one will tell you to keep your feet off the furniture. In fact, the furniture is there to provide the utmost in relaxation, and it all starts with choosing the right sofa for your den of manliness. What makes a good man-cave sofa? Read on for a few considerations to keep in mind as you outfit your own corner of your castle.”


Man-Cave Comfort- Go Big And Go Sturdy

black leather sectionalStop and think for a minute about how a man-cave sofa is going to be used. You’ll probably be seated in a sprawled out position, there will likely be a few of your buddies sharing the space with you, and no one’s going to be sitting with their knees together and their hands folded in their lap.

A man-cave sofa has to be big, and it’s got to be able to withstand the force of a grown man plopping himself down to watch an important football game or play a few rounds of the latest first-person shooter. The couch can be a single unit or a sectional, though a sectional has the advantage of being more modular. In other words, with a sectional, you can choose how you fit it in the space, and you can often buy and add more sections to expand your seating area.

Comfort Is King For Any Cave Man

Football and beerYour man-cave sofa needs to be comfortable: end of story. If it’s not, not only will you have a hard time getting the guys to hang out with you, but you probably won’t want to hang out there yourself. When looking for a couch that will keep your body happy through extra innings, tie-breakers, and the entire Godfather trilogy, go for more overstuffed styles. More streamlined sofas with more geometric silhouettes may look exceedingly cool, but sitting in them for extended periods of time can be murder on your back.


Extra pillows are certainly nice for added comfort, but make sure they don’t venture too far in the feminine accessory realm. Big cushions made from the same material as the couch or those that have a clean, simple design or even a sports team logo are ideal.

Dark Colors And Strong Materials Can Handle Heavy Use

sports logo sofaYour man-cave sofa is going to see some heavy use. This isn’t showpiece furniture. Not only does the couch you get have to be highly functional, but it has to be durable as well. So, anything that won’t be completely ruined if the occasional Guinness gets spilled on it is what you’re looking for. Leather is, of course, the ultimate in masculine luxury, but there are lots of great microfiber options as well. Solid dark, rich colors are best: brown, black, gray, and even red will all work.


There are also sofas that are emblazoned with sports teams logos, which are fantastic for showing your affiliation with pride. (It should, of course, go without saying that floral patterns, ruffles, lace, and pastels have no place whatsoever on a proper man-cave sofa.)


Excellent  Guy-Friendly Extras That Make Hanging Out Better

curved home theater sectionalDepending on your budget and how much you think you’ll use certain features, there are a few other variables in man-cave sofas. Some offer reclining sections that allow you and your buddies to watch sci-fi flicks like kings. A cup holder to stash your drink keeps your hands free to use the Wii controller. Pockets to hold TV remotes keep your essentials all in one place. And while it’s not technically part of a sofa, an ottoman is a great add-on for kicking up your feet.


With more and more furniture manufacturers realizing the popularity of guy-friendly decor, the options for the perfect man-cave sofa are more numerous than they’ve ever been. Keep the aforementioned tips in mind as you hunt for a couch for your own man-cave, and you’ll soon have the perfect seating arrangements in your own manly refuge.


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