Assembly-Required Furniture-Is It A Good Idea For Sofas?

There are a lot of people that get nervous whenever they see a large product that says assembly required. I am one of those people. Not only am I tool-challenged, I get easily frustrated with difficult-to-understand instructions that leave me guessing. Having to put together a living room sofa that comes delivered in pieces can strike fear into the hearts of many people.  As someone who actually assembled an office desk inside out and had to call a friend’s husband to help me, putting furniture together is just like working a puzzle.

ToolboxHaving helpful friends, neighbors or a mechanically-savvy spouse goes a long way in making sure that your project gets done the right way. You need specific tools for constructing a sofa and along with those tools, you need a lot of patience. Ordering any large furniture item online means that some work on your part will have to be done when the product arrives at your door.

Ordering home decor products online is popular. There are many benefits to ordering your next big  seating piece online. There are also downfalls to consider.

 The realistic negatives of ordering furniture online that needs assembly:

* Parts might be missing or don’t align properly

* Needing to have the right tools to do the job properly

* Sofa might not be as sturdy as one made with high-grade power tools at the factory

* Single women may have trouble finding enough hand strength to tighten bolts, screws, e.t.c securely

* If something goes wrong during assembly, you have to be without a sofa for yet more time until the issue is resolved with the manufacturer

Some of the positive benefits of purchasing your sofa online:

* Costs much less money for the same looks. This is the biggest reason why people go for buying sofas this way; the savings are huge.

* More convenient to have an item arrive at the door

* Can read reviews before making a buying decision to get a good idea of product quality

* Shipping boxes can fit into smaller entrances and up stairs

* Saves time going from one furniture store to another looking for the best deals, styles, colors, e.t.c.

* Easier to compare prices online

* Saves the hassle of hiring movers or renting a U-haul truck


So, Is It A Good Idea To Try And Put A Sofa Together Myself?

I can honestly answer that question with a yes and a no. Here are a few good reasons why I say yes to that question:

There are thousands upon thousands of people that really enjoy the art of do-it-yourself decorating and home maintenance. If you enjoy the challenge of piecing together pre-fab products, you will enjoy the process of assembling your living room sofa too.  Some people consider the money saved as well worth the hassle of having to put it together themselves. As for no, there are some circumstances where this type of seating may not work out in the long run; one is the person that has physical limitations and nobody nearby to assist with assembly.

All in all, getting a great-looking sectional sofa for your money is very possible when you choose the best manufacturer and read what others have to say about their experience putting it all together.


Image Credit: Tools By Per Erik Strandberg sv:User:PER9000 (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-2.5 (], via Wikimedia Commons