Best Sectional Sleeper Sofas With Storage

Sectional sleeper sofas with added storage built-in are created to give us functional, practical alternatives for living in small spaces or as a great option for guests and family. There is something comforting about knowing that your living room sofa can open out into a bed if needed.

Not only do people purchase sleeper sofas to have guest bedding, but to use every night in place of a regular bed. If you are searching for more information about storage sleepers, the chart below offers a comparison of three models featured on

Comparison Review- Sectional Sleeper Sofas With Storage

 storage sectional with pull out bedGus Sectional Sofa with Pull Out Bed and Storage by Coaster FurnitureBlack Brown Clubber Sleeper Sectional Sofa - Left Chaise
Product NameStorage Sectional Sofa With Pullout BedGus Sectional With Pullout Bed & StorageBlack Brown Clubber Sleeper Sectional - Left Chaise
ManufacturerCoaster Home FurnishingsCoaster Home FurnishingsZuri Furniture
List Price Range$1,700$1,499$1,895
Available ColorsCharcoalBrownBrown or Gray-Green
Upholstery MaterialChenilleLeatheretteWoven Polyester Blend
Features* Opens into a bed by sliding forward the sofa portion next to the chaise.
* The extra cushion is part of your mattress.
* Has L-side chaise.
* Includes 2 decorative pillows.
* Opens into a bed using trundle-style mechanics.
* Sinuous spring base construction for comfort.
* Attached seat and removable back cushions
* Offers a full-size bed sleeping surface.
* Constructed with a hard wood frame.
* Available in either left or right side chaise configuration.
Design GenreClean lines and neutral color fits in well with contemporary decor.Casual, rustic, rugged or minimalist decorating styles.Contemporary
Additional ViewStorage Sectional Sofa with Pull-Out-BedGus Sectional Storage Compartment

Clubber Sleeper Sofa with storage
Type of StorageLocated under the sofa portion to hide the extra cushion.Lifting lid under the chaise portion as shown in the picture above.Storage compartment located under the chaise.
Measurements36.5 in. W x 90 in. L x 35.5 in. H35.75" H x 61" W x 97.75" LW 108" x D 64" x H 36
Pros* Roomy enough to sleep two adults.
* Manufacturer offers free shipping & warranty.
* The brown leatherette upholstery has a guy-friendly vibe.
* The storage section looks roomy and generous.
* The smooth design would work well with nature-inspired interiors.
* If the pictures do it justice, this sofa looks more expensive than it is.
* The manufacturer has added quality materials like stainless steel hinges and high-density foam.
Cons* Reviews/ ratings on the low side for durability.
* Some complaints about the comfort level for sleeping.
* No reviews and no pictures of what the sleeper looks like open.
* Leatherette might get hot/ sticky to sit on if you live in a warm place.
* Gray-green option is for right side chaise, brown for left side chaise.
RecommendationsI wouldn't recommend this sofa for constant use.Great for a bachelor pad, maybe not so much for a family that wants a comfy hangout 24/7.The style has a lot of decorating possibilities. It seems to offer the best chance of comfort and durability for the money.
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View More Photos Of The Gus Model See The Clubber Open As A Bed


5 Reasons People May Need A Sectional Sleeper Sofa With Storage Compartments

1. Dorm Room College Living

Gray-green Clubber Sofa with right side chaise
Gray-green Clubber Sofa with right side chaise

Depending on where you choose to get a higher education, you may end up in a dorm situation where your room is so small whatever you buy has to serve several purposes. If you are fortunate enough to have a larger space and no roommate, a storage sleeper sofa is a great idea. Of course, many college students are as poor as church mice and go for cheap futons instead.

2.  Recreation Room Or Basement “Just-In-Case” Seating

It’s always nice  to have extra anything, especially seating that becomes a comfy bed and has some storage areas. You never know when you might have to offer a friend or family member a place to stay.

3. All-In-One Sofa For Temporary Living

Do you or anyone you know travel extensively for business? There are many corporate workers who may have to forgo an extended stay hotel and rent a studio apartment for a short-term lease instead. A sectional sofa sleeper with built-in storage is the perfect solution for a temporary living arrangement.

4. The Tiny City Apartment Syndrome

Did you know that there are actually apartment dwellers that pride themselves on how well they can organize their stuff into a teeny-tiny apartment? The growing trend of  micro-apartment construction takes advantage of every single inch of space in our overcrowded cities.

5.  Simply Wanting Practical Value For The Money

Another reason why people choose sleeper sofas with storage compartments is because they want as much function and practicality as they can get for their hard-earned money. If they are going to spend their money anyway, they might as well get a product that can be used different ways.

5 Features A Great Sectional Sleeper Sofa Should Come With

When I think about the top five most important features that people would want a sleeper sectional to have, I choose the following:

  1. Easy to put together-There is no point ordering anything online if the hassle of assembly robs you of your joy-of-purchase moment.
  2. Sliding parts that work- Have you ever had a piece of furniture that sticks when it’s supposed to slide and slides when it’s supposed to stick? Maddening! A great sofa sleeper should have parts that open and close smoothly and that line up perfectly.
  3. A great warranty-Buying a furniture piece online that requires assembly means receiving a shipping box with parts and instructions. Because manufacturers are human and machines sometimes faulty, your item may need a part or replacement. A generous warranty makes for peace of mind should anything go wrong.
  4. Comfort and looks-Of course, a sleeper sofa isn’t going to make anyone happy if it’s so ugly buyers are embarrassed to have company over.  It’s not going to work to have an extra sleeping spot if the person spending the night on it is going to have a terrible experience in the comfort department.
  5. Cushions that can go the distance-People actually buy these pieces to sleep on every night. Compared to a mattress-type sofa bed, cushions need the resilience to keep their shape when they are being used daily as both seating and sleeping surfaces. Just like a sagging mattress feels and looks terrible, so would a poorly constructed sectional sleeper sofa with crushed and lumpy cushioning.

Sectional Sleeper Sofa Pros & Cons

The pros and cons are based on the modern sectional sleeper designs and not the type with a mattress:


  • Typically much cheaper to buy than the traditional model.
  • Easier to move around if needed.
  • Anything that gives you extra storage is a plus.
  • Versatility and convenience. Even if you rarely use a sleeper sofa for sleeping, the storage compartment is great for extra blankets, pillows, books, magazines and remotes.


  • A hollow-type core could make it feel flimsy.
  • Wear and tear on upholstery/ cushions that never get a break.
  • Hidden dangers for curious pets. It wouldn’t do to accidentally close your storage container with your cat or bunny rabbit napping inside.
  • Challenges with structural damage if you move from place to place.

Sofa Sleepers Vs Sofa Beds-Is There A Difference?

Back in the olden days, people called couches that could open up into a bed sofa beds or hide-a-beds. There is an actual mattress living ( or sleeping) under the seat cushions. Setting up a traditional sofa bed means removing the seat cushions and finding a place to put them overnight. Then you have to pull hard on the inner frame to unfold the mattress and straighten the legs to the floor.

You might have to gather your blankets, pillows and  sheets from another room. Then, you hope and pray those metal bars don’t dig into your ribs all night. In the morning, you had to fold up the frame, put the seat cushions back and put the bedding back in its place.

The modern sofa sleeper is much more casual and less fussy. Grab the lower sofa, pull forward and up. Open the chaise storage, get your pillow and blanket. So which is better?

Old School Sofa Beds are meant to last. They are solid pieces of furniture that prefer to stay in the same place as they are incredibly heavy to move.

New age sofa sleepers are faster, lighter and less fussy. They fit in with casual lifestyles and people who are too busy for the old school sofa bed routine.

How Sectional Sleeper Sofas With Storage Work

Why do manufacturers make sleeper sofas this way instead of the traditional way? To make it lighter to ship. If you have ever tried to move a traditional sofa bed even one inch to the left or right, you know how heavy they are. There is no way to appeal financially to a large group of buyers when the shipping fees would add a lot to the total price.

The average weight for a full-size hide-a-bed sofa is 350-400 lbs. and is delivered to the home already assembled. The full-size version of a sleeper sofa you put together yourself weighs on the average 250 lbs.

No matter what style is your preference, having furniture in your home that has multiple uses and looks great too is the best benefit of these types of products.