Best Cheap Futon Sofa Sleeper With Great Style

Who has the best cheap futon sofa sleeper for the money online? It can take quite a bit of hunting to find not only something that fits within your budget, but actually looks great in your room. There are many different grades of this furniture style on sale across the web and in regular furniture stores. One of the things that I have never cared for in any futon design is the arm sections. Many manufacturers just make them in frames that are easy to fold and unfold. However, some of the models now offered online have a little extra padding that makes them look more like a fashionable sofa and less like a doctored up army cot.

Sometimes, Futons Are Just Plain Ugly!

Way back in the  dinosaur days when I was trying to furnish my first little efficiency apartment, I really liked the idea of seating that could function as a couch during the day and as a bed in the evening. What I didn’t like was how ugly they looked when I went to the furniture store to check them out. There was too much frame and not enough cushion for my taste. As a note, this happened before home PC’s had even been invented. Boy, I am really dating myself here! Oh well.

Trying To Get Comfortable On This Type Of Seating Has Always Been A Challenge

If you are into resting and relaxing on your sofa by stretching out, these products can leave you angry and frustrated. I know from experience what happens when you try to prop up throw pillows on the side of a couch that has big spaces where arm and side upholstery should be. It’s called head overhang/ pillow slippage syndrome.  Of course, I understand that many of these products are made this way as a design necessity for opening and closing. The biggest let down for me personally is knowing that after a hard day at work, I would either have to stretch out on my bed in the bedroom, or wrestle with pillows that never stayed in place and always ended up on the floor. Futons were so uncomfortable for me that I chose a daybed for my living room instead.

Coaster Brown Vinyl-Leather Finish Futon Sofa Bed

Finally, a manufacturer has figured out a way to put some cushy upholstery on those side areas! This is great news for people that need a seating piece that does double duty. Why didn’t they invent this style sooner? I have to give kudos to the Coaster Company, although I don’t know if they are the actual inventors of this design.

This a fake-leather futon in a rich brown color. As with any vinyl upholstery, there are perks and not-so-great issues about this type of material. If you live in New Orleans and don’t have air conditioning, plan on peeling yourself off when you find yourself stuck to the vinyl.

However, if you spill a cold drink on it, you are not going to suffer the stain nightmares of fabric upholstery. Vinyl is great that way. This one is incredibly cheap to purchase.

If I was going to buy this one, I would invest in some vinyl conditioner as a few people had issues with cracking. Keeping it moisturized helps. This is a small futon made for tight spaces. It only comes in brown or black unfortunately. The look is great for a bachelor pad, college dorm room or recreation room.

Cons: Low leg height can be a challenge for older adults

Pros: A high-end look for small rooms with modern themes

Bargain Priced Futons Under 200 Dollars

Sometimes we just need something cheap and affordable as far as seating goes. There are great bargains online when it comes to futons if you know where to look. This type of seating can be a great option for people on a budget, people transitioning from one location to another, or for people who have limited space. Below are a few styles to consider:

If you really want to get your money’s worth, a neutral color can blend in wonderfully with many different types of decorating styles. This one is called the Malibu Full Size by American Furniture Alliance.  Although futons are not used for long-term seating or daily family gatherings, they make up for it in price and versatility. The only downside I see is the plainness. This one needs a bit of jazzing up with a throw or some great pillows. On the plus side, your pillows would stay in place with the side arm construction of this piece.

Cons: Side arms have zero cushioning for day nappers

Pros: Can turn any room into a day/ night use practical area



For a futon, this one is a cutie! I say that because the curvy arms and  decorative throw pillows are a wonderful way to add softness and hominess to an otherwise basic piece of furniture. Even furniture that costs less than 200 dollars can have pizazz with a little creativity. The Geneva 1454 by Hillsdale Furniture is an affordable option to consider. There are few things about it that may be a challenge ; one is the open design of the side arms. As you can see,  stretching out on this one in sofa position  may mean wrestling with the arm bar and trying to keep pillows from hitting the floor. The actual futon seating/ sleeping area is a mattress. The plus side is that a simple mattress is incredibly easy to cover in your fabric of choice.

Cons: Pillows will slip through open sides

Pros: Fits perfectly into tiny spaces


 Futuristic, modern and sleek is a great way to describe this futon style. Anyone who likes contemporary decor can appreciate the stylish looks of this piece. The bright red upholstery is really  fun and trendy. The Kebo Futon by Dorel Home Products comes in a few other color choices like black, charcoal  gray and chocolate brown.  Just like any piece with armless construction, daytime lounging may or may not be super-comfortable. On the plus side, it has a more realistic “living room sofa” appearance because of the seamed microfiber upholstery for the seating/ sleeping area.

Cons: No side support for day napping

Pros: Snazzy style covers up the fact that this one is a bed too