Is There A Cure For Sofa-Color Phobia?

When it comes to interior decorating, the majority of home owners tend to play it safe when choosing their furniture shades. They prefer to purchase sofas that are beige, tan, mushroom, or taupe in color than to opt for a bright, bold shade of upholstery.

Looking at bold furniture colors can give the bravest of us major sofa-color phobia. People are truly afraid to pick a hot yellow sofa for their living room, a red table for their dining room, a hot pink bureau for their room, etc.  Sometimes, a decorator may be fearful of what their conservative friends, visitors, or family members might think if they turned their living room into a rainbow room. They may be uncomfortable expressing their unique taste. They may have decorating “sheepitis”, a trait where they just follow the crowd instead of creating trends.

Break Away From Decorating Sheepitis And Create Rooms That Others Only Wish They Dared

Purple Wool Sofa by Leisure Mod
Purple Wool Sofa by Leisure Mod

Sometimes, it can be enlightening to drop the interior decorating magazines and go with your own thoughts. It’s good to break out of the box every now and then and try new things in life. You only live once so why not? At the moment, some of the most well-known companies in the furniture manufacturing business are coming out with some wild and crazy shades like hot purple velvet, electric orange microfiber, neon fuchsia silk and more.

Even though we now have more color choices than ever before, we still like to stick to those classic ( yet sometimes stale) shades of beige. Few of us have ever walked into a friends home to encounter a pumpkin orange sectional or a fire-engine red recliner.  If you like to play it safe most of the time, perhaps now is the time to boycott the boring beige living room and add some fun color to your life.

Although they often prove to be a stunning choice in any room, many people are scared of bold sofa colors. What is it about colors, such as vibrant yellow and ruby red that often send shoppers running to the safety of neutrals?

I can think  of 5 tongue-in-cheek thoughts that may run through the mind of a color-phobe when they think about going bold in the upholstery department:


Tan Sofa Boredom
Tan Sofa Boredom

1. People Might Think I’m Related to Pablo Picasso
It’s a common misconception that bright colors should be left to those who are more artistic. Anyone’s room can use a shot of color. Vivid shades can your space more visual appeal and make the room more inviting. Occasionally, you have to take a step out of your comfort zone. If the thought of going with a magenta sofa still makes you nervous, you could consider a less eye- popping hue such as a softer peacock blue.

2. Gray Sofa Upholstery Coordinates Nicely With Gray Hair
Along the same lines as number one, there is also the false belief that the older you get, the less color you are allowed to have. Brilliantly colored furniture is not simply for the young. The colors you choose in your home can have an impact on your mood. If your home is full of white walls and beige furniture, it can make you feel even older and depressed. It’s definitely time to retire this belief and opt for something exciting, such as a tangerine sectional. After all, orange has been shown to improve your mood and make you feel younger.

3. Flea-Sized Rooms Need Timid Milquetoast Decor
Contrary to popular belief, bold hues do not make your room smaller.  Most of the time, it is clutter and a lack of essential storage that makes your room feel smaller. Adding mirrors and other light-reflecting accessories can go a long way in a tiny room. Having a sofa upholstered in a bright shade can make a tiny room seem important instead of the little room we can’t do anything with.

4. I’ll Have To Suffer Buyer’s Remorse; I Already Feel That Way About My Spouse
Marriage troubles aside, perhaps a change of  decor can add spice to a dull relationship. Having a boring taupe-colored couch to come home to year after can be a big, fat yawn. Just like a marriage, our interior spaces need a shot of excitement every once in awhile. Even a buttery yellow or muted turquoise sofa can add new some life to both home, marriage and mood. In all honesty, if you find that you cannot stand your new “exciting” sofa  after a period of time, you can always choose to put a slipcover over it or sell it and buy a new one.  That is easier than throwing a bright slipcover over a boring spouse.

5. Rainbow-Bright Furniture Looks Better In Pubs, Casinos, And Chucky Cheese Restaurants
Bright upholstery can be viewed as better suited for establishments that want to create a fun party atmosphere. Contemplating a hot orange or flaming magenta sofa could make a conservative person highly nervous. The key when choosing sofas in bold colors is to balance it out with neutral accessories and  a calmer backdrop.For example, using a high gloss white paint on your walls to offset a lime colored couch or using soft gray accents with a plum sectional makes the tone much more eye-pleasing and less clown-like.
There are numerous reasons why people are afraid of bold colors, especially sofas. However, they do not have to be. In today’s world, anything goes. It is time to throw out those doubts about using color in your home and see what the fun is all about.


Five Benefits Of Using Bold Or Bright Colored Furniture

•You’ll help bring life and energy into your living room.

3 Piece Leather Living Room Set by Rogers
3 Piece Leather Living Room Set by Rogers

•Visitors will have a sense of what your style is and be highly impressed by your trendiness.

•You’ll have the opportunity of discovering your decorating taste and talents.

•You’ll have a one-of-a-kind looking home which will motivate visitors to make a furniture change in their own homes.

•You’ll feel happier. Studies have shown that bright and bold colors such as yellow and orange can lift a sad spirit and change a negative outlook on life into a positive one.

As you can see, opting to purchase a bold or bright colored sofa has a lot of decorating benefits. It never hurts to consider making a brave new color change in your home. Maybe it’s time to boycott all all the “safe” colors that everybody else tends to buy and try something funky and new.