Is The Bobkona Benford Collection Chaise Sofa A Good Deal?

The hardest part about shopping for a sectional sofa online is making that final scary decision to go ahead and place your order. If you are anything like me, the more something costs, the more you need to be ” at peace” with your decision. Unlike many other types of merchandise, a bad sofa buy can turn into a real nightmare. However, it’s nice to know that a few sofa models out there may actually be wonderful, budget-friendly options that people can feel good about buying. This is an overview of the Bobkona Benford Collection Chaise Sofa model and whether it qualifies as a good deal online.

Bobkona Benford Collection Faux Linen Chaise Sofa In Ash Black

Bobkona Poundex Benford Collection Faux Linen Chaise Sofa, 2-Piece, Ash Black What It Comes With:

  • An updated design that allows the chaise section to be placed on either side according to your preference.
  • Removable arm rests that are interchangeable to create a lot of different configurations.
  • You get 5 decorative pillows with purchase like the ones seen here.
  • The manufacturer includes a double set of assembly instructions and tools with shipment.
  • Woven, tweed-like fabric upholstery that has texture.

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What People Are Saying:

  • Benford Collection Chase SofaAfter checking over the reviews, one of the main points that current owners mention is the low profile construction of the back. As you can see in the photo here, the pillows look taller than the back; even at a angle.
  • The fabric color is a dark gray and has a nubby/ tweed texture that seems to hold up well under normal use; even with kids and pets.
  • The cushions are firm, but comfortable and supportive.
  • Most existing buyers describe this sectional in basically the same way; it’s not the highest quality sofa in the world, but it exceeded their expectations because of the low price.
  • I get from the general consensus that this one isn’t too hard to assemble.
  • Customers are using words like very happy, glad I purchased, stylish, I love it,  which takes away some of that feeling of trepidation.


My Personal Viewpoint:

  • There are a few features I like about this model, others that are not so fabulous. The biggest plus factor of this sectional is that the chaise portion not only sets up on either side, but you get to attach the chaise to the main body so it stays in place. Sliding furniture is not my cup of tea, no matter how cheap the cost.
  • I had to think about the low back design. I wouldn’t feel comfortable if it was in the middle of my room, but I could deal with it against a wall. The low-rider style is definitely contemporary.
  • The gray fabric and wild pillows are also not my type, but I appreciate the durability of nubby textured upholstery. It makes the sofa look a little more “high end”.
  • If I was into those colors and  contemporary decor, the Benford Chaise would be very tempting to buy. The price is really good and budget-friendly. It’s a shame it doesn’t come in lighter shades like white or ivory for other types of decor.


Of course, none of these products are 100% perfect. There were a few complaints here and there which are typical of  assembly-required sofa products. They are not designed as lifetime products.  Because the Benford is cheap, roomy, easy to assemble and looks high-end, it is one of the better deals out there. If I needed a new sofa and this model came in white, I would feel 90% secure about ordering one.  I had to subtract 10% for those crazy pillows.


The Bobkona Benford Collection Chaise Sectional