Most Popular Bonded Leather Sectional Sofa

Sometimes, the best deals on leather furniture items aren’t leather at all. However, not even your hairdresser has to know that your gorgeous living room couch isn’t genuine cowhide. Considering how expensive the real thing can be, bonded leather is a great option. If it has been awhile since you checked out these “faux” upholostery materials, they have come a long way.

If any of you reading this page happen to be baby boomers, you may remember the hideous fake leather products of yesteryear. Remember pleather and Naugahyde? Those were pitiful attempts at trying to create the same look. Now we have bonded leather technology that actually creates wonderful seating upholstery.

Bobkona Bonded Leather Three Piece Sectional In Cream

This item is described as a modern,  transitional-style sofa with hardwood frame, pale cream-colored bonded-leather upholstery that comes with a matching storage ottoman and two decorative pillows with contrasting fabric squares. Although the light upholstery can be scary for some people that have pets and kids, it seems to have good ranking as a top-selling product under this category.

Style Features And Decorative Details

Here are some of the style features and construction details of this sofa model:

  • The sofa section part of this set  allows seating room for three people
  • The chaise section can be positioned on either side of the main sofa section which allows the owner decorating options for their particular space
  • The Soft-Touch Sectional is made of bonded leather and leather match material
  • It comes with a hardwood frame
  • One armrest is detachable
  • The seat and back cushions are filled with poly fiber fill-in and have inner spring coils for support

 The Negative Attributes Of This Sofa

What are some of the not-so-good things about the Bobkona Soft Touch Reversible Sofa Set? Here are a few things that were mentioned by buyers:

  • Bonded leather is not thick like real leather. You can learn more about this material here: Bonded Leather Wikipedia
  • Sometimes the product came with mismatched attachment holes/screws that can cause assembly “tweaking”
  • Sofa set comes with plastic feet which some people view as “cheap” looking

The Good Attributes Of This Sofa

What makes this sectional sofa a best seller on Amazon? Here are the good things about this product:

  • Easy to assemble-most people found that they could put it together in under two hours with just basic tools
  • The bonded leather materials are surprisingly easy to keep clean
  • The price is reasonable for the high-end look it gives to the room decor
  • The storage ottoman is practical and useful for hiding clutter or safekeeping family items that don’t get used all the time
  • Can be used as a functional sofa sleeper for guests

What I Get From Reading The Reviews

What people say about this  sectional sofa is that once you actually get it put together, it looks great and much more expensive than it really is. There are a few issues with assembly and whether this is a white, ivory or cream sofa, but for the most part, existing owners agree that it is a great looking piece of furniture when compared to the same types of real leather sectional sofas elsewhere.

Who Should Buy This Product?

If you can understand how bonded leather upholstery is different from real leather versions, you will know what to expect if you decide to buy one. Is this sectional great for families with toddlers and pets? Well…anything that comes with white upholstery may not be the most practical color if that sofa is going to be the major family gathering spot. I think this sectional may be better suited for families with older kids, but that is just my opinion.

Conclusion And Recommendation

I think this is worth the money for anybody who wants a lot of decorating drama in their living room for the lowest price possible. White sectionals are beautiful and give a room the feel of luxurious living. The Bobkona Soft Touch Reversible Sectional Sofa Set lets people have the look of a real leather sofa that could cost three times as much at a more affordable price. It isn’t perfect, but it is a good value for sectionals in that size range.