Blue Sectional Sofas-From Pale Hues To Midnight Navy

Are you a blue lover? If you enjoy using shades of blue in your decorating theme, you are considered trustworthy, faithful, intelligent and stable. Wow, blue people sure are special!  It’s interesting that the colors we love say something about our personalities. Blue comes in hundreds of beautiful variations. Some of us prefer the calming effect of the lighter hues, some of us gravitate to the deeper shades. No matter which variation calls your name,  seating pieces in this color are refreshing and very different.

Using wide expanses of blue in a room produces a cooling effect.  People who live in Alaska might not choose this shade as often as folks who live in hotter climates, but you never know. One of the most cheerful color combinations is that of blue, yellow and white ( puffy clouds, azure skies and buttercups).

Listed here are several models of blue sectional sofas in shades that range from beautifully pale to deep and dramatic.

Pale Blue Upholstery

The Empress By LexMod In Laguna

LexMod Empress Sectional Laguna
Peaceful and serene

  The Empress  design incorporates a lot of vintage appeal. The deep button tufting reminds me of the 1950s, but the unusual color makes it thoroughly modern.

  • According to the manufacturer, it comes with specialized rubber-wood legs that glide over floors to prevent scratching.
  • Unlike the myriad of pleather/bonded leather models out there, this one is upholstered in polyester ( another old-school material).
  • This shade makes me feel relaxed just looking at the picture. You can imagine the sense of calm you would feel after coming home from a stressful commute to this peaceful blue serenity.

Cons: The pale upholstery may not be kid or pet friendly making this more of a showpiece sofa.

Pros: High style and a gorgeous color for creating a Zen-like living room. It has real arms!



Loni M Designs Mid-Century Modern Sectional

  • Loni-M-Designs Laguna Blue sofa
    Fancy and sophisticated

    Isn’t this a fancy-shmancy style? Ladies who lunch with their manicured poodles would be perfectly at home sitting on this sophisticated sectional.

  • The manufacturer has chosen to call the shade Laguna like the one above.  It has an interesting  creaminess that blends blue-green with white to create a fresh, oceanic feeling.
  • The style and color say VIP room at a celebrity club in South Beach,Miami. Isn’t it amazing how a sofa shape and color can inspire the imagination?
  • With a blank canvas in this color, a decorator can enjoy the challenge of choosing accessories.

Cons: What’s good about this shade can also be a con if you are not good at color coordinating accessories. The legs are a bit sparse looking.

Pros: The design gives the best of both worlds; an arm on one end for head support should you choose to stretch out, and nice chaise section for sitting up while relaxing.


The Jack Sofa-Chaise Sectional By Bobby Berk Home

  • Bobby-Berk-Home-Jack-Sofa-and-Chaise-Sectional
    Clean lines, elegant statement

    This clean and elegant style reminds me of something you might see in the hallway of a French Chateau. It has that Royal waiting room look.

  • This model has clean lines, but the tufted back and seat cushions give it added visual appeal.
  • The chaise portion is a lot wider than many other styles.
  • As with other sofas that have space underneath because of their construction and upholstery, dusting and cleaning under it would be easy.

Cons: Unless there is other seating in the room, a sudden visit from 3 friends means that somebody has to use the chaise and put their feet up whether they like it or not.

Pros: The style is pure elegance. A sofa with clean lines is the perfect choice for minimalists and those who prefer uncluttered rooms.


Medium Blue Upholstery

A Blue Jean Multi-tasker You Can Set Up Anyway You Want

Multifunction Sectional Blue Jean Fabric
Practical and functional

With so many people  looking to get as much practicality as they can out of their furniture, manufacturers are creating more multifunctional set ups that are much like individualized puzzle pieces .

  • This blue denim sofa comes with a left loveseat, right loveseat, armless chair and ottoman that can be arranged in a lot of different ways.
  • When I saw this model for the first time, I thought studio apartment or dorm room. These styles are perfect for one-room living.
  • You can push all the units together to make a queen bed for sleeping, then transform it into a regular sofa during the day. Set ups like this are also handy for unexpected overnight guests. The manufacturer offers a wide variety of set up possibilities. You can see the pictures here.

Cons: The loose back cushions could be a hassle to keep straight and tidy; especially if a lot people are using it .

Pros: I really like the idea of having a sofa that allows for decorating freedom. The tufted seats make it look more interesting; something a wide expanse of solid fabric needs.


Rowe Furniture Brentwood Feather Sectional

Jazz it up with prints and patterns

What is a feather sectional? Is this a new type of stuffing? I decided to contact Wayfair and ask for a clarification. The manufacturer calls it a feather sectional because of the soft cushions and sinuous spring suspension system beneath the cushions.

  • Although this model has a traditional feel, it wouldn’t be hard to fit it into a modern decorating theme. The wild printed upholstery of the accent chairs and throw pillows shown here add unexpected flair and color.
  • If you are looking for a huge variety of colors, fabric options and upgrades, the official Rowe Furniture website is fantastic.
  • This sofa is a high-end model that can be tailored exactly to size, shape, upholstery and color the customer is looking for.

Cons: Loose back pillows are not everyone’s cup of tea. It is pricey.

Pros:  The manufacturer includes connector clips to keep each section secured. This model comes in several shades of blue; navy, indigo and icy.



Hokku Designs Urban Valor Tufted Sectional

Small size, powerful style

First of all, I have to say I love the name of this petite sectional; Urban Valor. It gives it a special ring, doesn’t it?  To have valor means to have boldness, spirit, courage and daring.

  • Decorating with unexpectedly edgy furniture shows daring and a lot of spirit to break out of the norm.
  • The piping trim takes an otherwise blase design to a whole new level. It creates a statement of importance and attention to detail.
  • This is a great sectional for creating a colorful focal point in a  small room. It comes with Dacron-wrapped no-sag springs to make long-term sitting comfortable.

Cons: The linen upholstery is going to need more care to prevent stains.

Pros: 2 free pillows with purchase. Looks great in a nautical themed room as shown. This style could appeal to both men and women.

Dark Blue Upholstery


Loni M Designs Mid-Century Modern Sectional Navy Blue

  • Loni-M-Designs-Mid-Century-Modern-Sectional-navy-blue
    Scandinavian Modern

    This is a thoroughly contemporary sofa design that has a  Scandinavian-Ikeaesque quality to it.  Yes, it feels cool like it would be perfect for a Scandinavia-by-the-sea-at-night moment.

  • This sofa is definitely is one of those pieces that is going to get comments from first time visitors .
  • Coordinating accessories with dark blue as a backdrop color lets you go in many different directions. It works for nautical themes, patriotic themes, two-tone schemes or as furniture that blends well with bold, abstract wall paintings.

Cons:  The poly cotton upholstery needs professional cleaning methods to keep it looking fresh. Dark fabric can show lint.

Pros: For those who care about where their products come from, this model is made in the USA.


Birch Lane Kerry L-Shaped Sectional Midnight Twill

Birch-Lane-Kerry-L-Shaped-Sectional dark blue
Classic shape for modern or traditional tastes

This sectional combines a straight-edge appearance with its traditional shape, but adds some modern touches through the use of tapered wood legs and track arms.

  • The pillows are stuffed with a blended down material for extra-soft  luxurious sitting. What I really like about this sofa is the fact that it seats up to 6 people.
  • There is no chaise portion sticking out, so everyone gets equal seating.
  • Sofa legs are such a personal choice. Some people like them showing with lots of open space underneath. Unlike many sectionals with legs showing, these are nice and sturdy looking. No thin spindles here.

Cons: Like all dark fabric upholstery, the maintenance is a little higher. The manufacturer recommends frequent vacuuming.

Pros: The luxury of telling friends and family you have a sofa that is made of down blend upholstery. Another plus is the design; you can accentuate either the contemporary or the traditional lines of this model. This too is a made-in-the-USA product.



Birch Lane Jameson Sectional Midnight Twill

Stays fashionable year after year


Veering away from modern designs, traditional sofas always have that well-upholstered look. Typically, the arms are well padded and the lower frame has a skirt that hides the legs underneath.

  • Not only does this style make a lovely statement for living rooms, I could see it looking fabulous in a den or a library.
  • Traditional sectionals like this one fit in beautifully with genuine wood furniture. You don’t get extra bells and whistles, you get a design that will look as fashionable years from now as it does today.

Cons:  Needs regular maintenance ( vacuuming and spot cleaning) to keep the down blend upholstery fresh looking.

Pros: This is an overstuffed model for people who prefer extra padding. The manufacturer offers this sectional in a wide range of colors, chaise options and upholstery materials.



 Decenni Tobias Tufted Navy Sectional With Dove Piping

Decenni Sectional Navy
The show stopper

How often do any of us come across a sectional design like this one? It may or may not be your cup of tea, but you have to admit that it has a major visual impact.

  • According to the manufacturer, it has regency style piping and tufting. This extra decorative work makes it a true “designer” sofa.
  • Everything about this sectional is dramatic; the color, the shape and the length; 8 feet long.
  • What I love about this sofa is the wow factor. Rarely do manufacturers offer bolster pillows, so whoever designed this stepped out of the box-shape pillow rut and into something unique.
  • Sectionals like this appeal to those who appreciate artistry and architectural elements.  It has  a striking   European-style beauty to it.

Cons:  You may be limited to accessory colors that blend well with dark blue and white.

Pros: This sectional is custom made to order and built by hand in Los Angeles, California by the Decenni Company.  The company offers a  generous 10 year frame warranty.

The Loni M, Jack Sofa Chaise, Rowe Brentwood, Hokku Urban Valor, Birch Lane Kerry and Birch Lane Jameson are available at