Best Seller Vs Top Rated-What’s The Difference?

Are you a regular Amazon shopper? If so, you are probably familiar with the different search tabs that let you compare products, read reviews and weigh in on your final decision. You can choose from Star ratings, price points, or check out the newest items under a certain category. You can search for a color or a style. Many times, checking out the best sellers is a good option to see what other people are buying.  However, not everything that sells the best is the best.

What Best Sellers Have And Don’t Have

You go to Amazon and head to the furniture category. Under couches and sofas, you click on best sellers. After reading through some of your favorite designs, you notice something; best sellers can have more negative reviews than you would have thought. Best sellers become that way because:

  • They draw people in with a decent price point, practical design, or coveted specifications.
  • They may generate regular sales and lots of feedback so a customer doesn’t make a scary “blind” buy.
  • The product may be the only one in its category to have a sale, but received a positive rating.

Could Best Sellers Ever Be A Turn Off?

I think so. If a home decorator prides themselves on originality, buying a best seller means taking a chance that your neighbors have the same sofa. However, if you are sitting on the floor, or your old sofa has heaved its last breath, worrying about having the same sofa as a neighbor isn’t going to matter much.

Top Rated Products May Not Be Best Sellers

On the other hand, a sofa with great customer reviews might not end up on the best seller list. It will have less buyers, but the buyers it does have will be happy with their purchase. There are many reasons why a sofa can have excellent reviews, but few buyers. This could be a price point that people are reluctant to spend online. It could be because the sofa style appeals to a smaller group. The design or fabric may not work for a particular lifestyle or decorating theme.

The Best Of Both Worlds: A Best Seller With Great Ratings

Wouldn’t it be nice to find a sofa that is not only a best seller, but has great reviews too? It’s nice to buy something that is popular not for being popular, but for being a quality product that is worth buying.

I went through all 100 sofas on Amazon’s best seller list looking for sectionals that had a 4-Star rating or above. To keep the list short, here are the top  5 shown left to right:

Bobkona Atlantic, Dorel Small Space, Hodan Sofa Chaise, Bobkona Vegas Carmine Red, Bobkona Vegas Dark Blue

One would think that a sectional with more traditional looks would appeal to a larger audience, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.  People really like sleek and modern designs in solid colors. What is an important fact when sofa hunting online; so called “best sellers” can have terrible ratings as the history of reviews reveals the truth.

So far, the five sectionals pictured here are holding their own. I decided to investigate each one and study comments to estimate customer happiness.

Bobkona Atlantic Faux Leather in Black

This one is very popular and that may be because you get a lot of style for the money. Typically, modern designs like this cost much more money. Buyers remark on the generous size, the compliments they receive and that it looks more expensive than it really is.

Dorel Small Space in Brown

Here is another petite option that gets positive comments for its easy assembly. This is a very small sofa, but comes with a price tag that suits people on a budget.

Hodan Sofa Chaise

What a nice, classic shape this one has. Other than the reasonable price, buyers seem very satisfied with overall quality. The dimensions fit smaller rooms making it practical for a wider range of people.

Bobkona Vegas in Carmine Red Blended Linen

People seem to love the style and comfort of this sofa with more stating that it offers firm support. I think the low price gives it added appeal, so buyers are “pleasantly surprised” at the value.

Bobkona Vegas in Dark Blue Blended Linen

Positive comments include ease of assembly and the fact that the Vegas model has sturdy, comfortable seating that is on the firm side.  Complaints? The fabric can collect pet hair easily. Fabric sofas and pets are a live-and-learn experience.


Are you surprised that there isn’t one tan-beige sectional in the bunch? I know I was. People are happy when they buy a sectional that has a few of these perks; a low price, great looks, ease of assembly, comfort for lounging, compliments from visitors and comments from other happy buyers.