White Leather Sectional Sofas With High Customer Satisfaction

Sleek, sophisticated, modern and classy; those are just a few of the words that describe the immense beauty of top-quality sectional sofas upholstered in pure white genuine leather. As I set out to find sectionals in this category with positive reviews that I could offer my readers, I was disappointed to see how many of them are out there that have no feedback whatsoever from buyers.

However, I did locate some incredibly gorgeous options that fit the search criteria; they are leather, they are white or close to white, they are manufactured by reputable companies and they have reviews by customers that give you a good feeling about whether they are worth the purchase or not.

Wholesale Interiors Baxton Studio Babbitt Leather Sectional


The clean and fresh expanse of white upholstery found in the Babbitt by Baxton Studio  is one look that appeals to many a  home decorator. Who says that simple lines can’t create a dramatic visual impact when it comes to sofa designs? Furniture with simplicity of form is one of the reasons why businesses like Ikea thrive.

Babbitt reviews and specifications

With the world running at a frantic pace, more and more people are finding Zen-like home decor appealing. After a stressful day at work, many folks find that spending time in a room where the decor gives your eyes a “rest” can be incredibly soothing to frazzled nerves.

We rarely think of furniture in terms of mental or emotional well-being, but our surroundings affect us on many levels. Switching over to “clean and simple” decor can be life-enhancing and stress reducing for those of us who are overwhelmed and overloaded on a daily basis.

Cons: This style doesn’t come with an ottoman with purchase. The legs appear short and low to the floor which could make this particular model unsuitable for some people.

Pros: The tufted upholstery gives this piece added texture and dimension. The manufacturer offers this design in a left arm version as well.

 Four Inspiring Sectional Models By Hokku Designs:

Hokku Designs is a trade mark brand-name for a unique collection of home furnishings offered by WAYFAIR LLC, Boston , Massachusetts, U.S.A.

Scandinavian-Style Sophistication With The Burdie Sectional


Sophisticated, elegant and avante garde are three great words to describe the style of this sectional sofa. It combines the clean lines of Scandinavian construction with some very unique features that include fold-back cushions when you want a head rest. Sometimes, sleek seating pieces don’t give you the cozy feeling of being able to lay back and relax; this one does.

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One of the most unique features of this style is that you can lower the folding headrests, leave them all up, or leave some of them up and some down as in this photo.

Cons: Popular sofa styles like this one can quickly go out of stock. This design is also low profile with shallow depth which can cause the frustration of having large accent  pillows fall overboard.

Pros: This sectional has a 5-star rating from customers, which is impressive for assembly-required furnishings. The reasonable price is another perk. Customers also receive a free 16-month subscription to a popular decorating magazine with purchase.


The llo Chris Danville Sectional; Elegant, Yet Family Friendly


There are quite a few sofa makers that offer sectionals with either attached chaises or a separate ottoman. However, few make them as wide and roomy as this design.  This sectional has what I call a very tempting “landing pad” for families that enjoy cuddling up together in comfort.

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Although white seating pieces can have that “hands off” look , this one appears to be more kid and teen friendly and inviting. The light wood legs also give it that Euro-clean feel and Scandinavian flair that is so popular these days.

Cons: This a four-piece style that cannot be reversed, so the set up may only work for those who plan to keep it in the same home for awhile.

Pros: Has an eye-catching contemporary style that includes  four matching pillows with purchase.


Create Your Own Oasis With The Mirage Leather Sectional

Hokku-Designs-Mirage-Leather-SectionalThe Mirage has a vacation home feel about it that makes one think of tropical islands, Martha’s Vineyard and everything that has to with casual living and relaxation on a scale that has been bumped up a notch.

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However, this smooth and simple design lends itself to many decorating possibilities, not just tropical or beachy themes.  There is no doubt that the Mirage lends itself well to Oriental themes too. This sectional comes with two unique curvy end tables and the ottoman pictured here. That is a huge advantage for folks that want to set up a great-looking room as quickly as possible.

Cons: The biggest design downfall could be the lack of arm rests which is a huge downer for those who love to curl up on the couch with a good book and comfy head support. Low-slung curvy end tables may not be your cup of tea.

Pros: The basic structure of this sectional gives it a multitude of options for accessories, different colors of pillows, throws, e.t.c. The manufacturer offers this sofa in either white or ivory. Comes with end tables and an ottoman which makes it a no-brainer for setting up your living room fast.


The Eben Offers Luxurious, Upscale Ambiance


I can’t think of a better way to create major decorating drama in a living room than with this high-end look. If you have the space and love futuristic furniture design, the Eben may just be your kind of sectional sofa.

Product Details And Customer Ratings

The sleek, polished metal tubing accents are perfect for people that love to show off their unique sense of style. This design is described as bold and modern, which is an understatement. This one is the perfect example of focal point decorating in  big spaces. Instead of fretting about buying lots of  items to fill up a big room, one large, gorgeous sectional can do the trick. People are going to notice and comment on this sofa.

Cons: This sofa only comes in pure bright white. You need a larger living room to fit this sectional in and still have room for traffic. The lower ledges on the side will probably need dusting and/or a wipe down on a regular basis.

Pros: The Eben looks outrageously expensive, yet it isn’t. This one offers a lot of glam for the money.


With the hundreds of reasons that a home decorator chooses to stay away from white seating, there are a hundred reasons why many decide to take the plunge and go for it. The drama of that pure, light expanse of pale color is an incredibly powerful statement of personal taste and style. When the seating is upholstered in white leather, you take your room to a higher level of sophistication and pizazz.