Sectionals With Recliner

Featured here are a few best sellers and popular models of sectionals with recliner features built-in for family comfort:


The Mocha Reclining Sectional Sofa Has Two Recliners

Mocha Reclining Sectional Sofa

If you’re a fan of reclining sectionals that provide family comfort and have a lot to offer in the looks department, the Mocha model may appeal to you. This design is perfect for people who love to hang out and actually “live” in their living rooms.

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The nice feature about this model is that it offers two built-in recliners. There is nothing worse than a family feud about who gets to sit with their feet up when you only have one section that reclines.

This model also appeals to fluffy-padding fans and those who find built-in storage consoles incredibly convenient for keeping things neat. The neutral shade of upholstery works with so many types of themes and accessories. The padded construction gives it dimension all by itself; this is one design that looks complete without having to fill it in with throw pillows.


The Italian Design Leather Franco Races Ahead With New-Age Concepts

Italian Design Leather Franco Sectional Sofa

Describing this sectional as modern and sleek is a huge understatement. This is much more than just a piece of furniture; it is free-form art created with fabric and high-tech design concepts.

What really catches my eye are the wheel-shaped ends. Never in my life have I seen sofa “arms” created this way. You have to admit that this is an avante garde design that is meant to make us stop in our tracks and have a closer look.

For the sincerely dramatic decorator.

This sectional not only comes in passionate black and red, but in black and white or beige and brown combinations.  The proportions are rather large as you see here. I think this sectional would look stunning in a sophisticated urban loft or a ritzy Euro-club environment.

The Franco is all about looks and making a statement. This is new-age sofa design that goes way out of the box-shape and into something daring and thrilling like a race car for your living room.


 The Pacific Samara Reclining Sectional Is Big On Comfort

Pacific Samara Reclining Sectional

This mega-sectional speaks volumes, doesn’t it? This model was created for family gatherings, yet focuses on the individual comfort of each person sitting on it. This is home-theater seating with total relaxation in mind.

Who wouldn’t  be able to relax on this?

One of the most interesting aspects about sofa styles is how different they can be when it comes to function, uses and who they appeal to. This is not a design that would normally appeal to a solitary single person.

This one has family and friends written all over it. It is the family room, movie night with popcorn, chill out with Monday night football, chips and dips type of seating that also happens to look very high-end at the same time. It is also a great example of a man cave sofa.


The Serta Upholstery Reclining Sectional Invites Company

Serta Upholstery Reclining Sectional

Serta has always been the premiere in comfort, and this beautiful sectional is a great example of the high-style that comes with this particular brand. A model this size could accommodate any number of guests that might show up or hold the whole family for movie nights.

Comfort and good looks make a great combo for a living room sofa.

What’s great about this particular sectional is that it reclines and leans back to make for the absolute best sitting experience you can get. The back head padding looks pretty nice too.

The style would work nicely with contemporary or traditional decorating themes. It is definitely the type of seating that invites people to get comfortable and relax after a hard day.

The u-shape is a bit of a space hog if you have a smaller room, so it might be better suited as a corner model in most cases. This creamy upholstery shade makes choosing accessories a no-brainer. People love tan and beige because it goes with everything.

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