Round Leather Sectional Sofas With Curve Appeal

Talia Contemporary Sectional with Built-In Table

Round leather sectional sofas are created with spectacular curve appeal. The trendy shape of curved seating pieces gives off a different decorating vibe than the traditional flat-back furniture styles. Adding curves to a sofa design makes it practical for  people who have rooms where a flat-back sectional style wouldn’t work as well.

People choose curved sofa designs for improving traffic flow around odd corners of the room. They may want to experience the cozy, come-hither appeal of seating that seems to reach out and hug people as they walk by. By far the best reason for loving curved sofas in leather is their posh and elegant beauty. Curves are mature. Curved sofas say that someone sophisticated, charming, and worldly lives here. This is no teen gaming-room furniture; it is for grownups.

Talia Contemporary Curved Conversation Sofa with Built-In Table

Talia Contemporary Sectional with Built-In Table

The Talia sectional pictured here is a perfect example of contemporary design. It has the soft, luxurious look of a favorite feather pillow, yet with a modern, sophisticated flair. Curvy sectionals appeal to a specific type of home decorator; typically a trendsetter who loves creating a dramatic focal point with furniture.

Purchase one in white and you double the drama. White sofas have huge visual impact; few people can work a white sofa into their lifestyle. I happen to love white furnishings, but I also don’t have kids or pets.

The Talia is described as a “conversation” sofa. The general idea revolves around the fact that people will feel closer when they get the sensation of being enveloped or gathered in.


  • There are definitely some negatives about this style. The built-in side table could end up being a literal decorating thorn in the side. You are stuck with it and it happens to be a “low-rider” at that.
  • Finding a lamp that doesn’t end up looking like a midget on the end table will be a huge challenge. Not a great nap sofa ( unless you are shaped like a piece of macaroni).


  • The best pro is that the Talia looks much more expensive than it really is. I really like the button-tufted accents on the back pillows. It does look like a comfortable sectional. If you are interested in learning more about the Talia, you can get the details here.

Black Leather Contemporary Sectional  With Ottoman And Multifunction Table


 Big, bold and dramatic is an understatement for this sectional, don’t you think? This is a large seating piece that seems to undulate like a giant leather snake across the room. I apologize to anyone who hate snakes for that analogy. However, what they both have in common is they create a reaction.

The wavy style and bold black upholstery has that sleek Euro-flair that speaks volumes about the taste of the home decorator. Trendy, sophisticated and artistic come to my mind when I imagine the type of person who would choose a design like this.


  • You need a pretty large space to accommodate a sofa this size.
  • The open-ended design on one side of the sectional might not work if you like a lamp on either end.


  • This is the type of furniture that gets major attention and compliments from visitors.
  • The multi-function table has a magazine section, storage area and 4 cup holders


 Landen Contemporary Curved Leather Sectional in Cream


A contemporary piece of furniture can add a fun touch of extravagance to your home; it can even be done affordably. Getting the most enjoyment out of your living space means selecting a sofa that will represent your personal taste, serve you functionally and also provide you with high-quality design.

This model in Cream is a perfect example of contemporary style. This sectional boasts an exuberantly smooth surface, soft rounded design and creamy color that are remarkably inviting. It would work exceptionally well with an open design concept, where natural light would compliment and feature it dramatically.

This style has excellent structure that would allow it to fit into either a large or a more intimate area of a home. It comes with solid wood legs and pocket coil seating to give it  a robust yet sensuous appearance.

  •  Direct sunlight could accelerate aging
  •  The cream color may display soil or stains
  •  It has a fixed shape and cannot be modified


  •  Creates  a stunning focal point
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Full sized seating to accommodate family and friends
  •  Long lasting and high quality

Curvy Bonded Leather Sectional Sofa In Honey

global-rounded-sectionalBonded leather seating in rich, smooth honey looks incredibly homey and comforting doesn’t it? This is an unusual shade, but is a neutral one that can work with many different shades of accessories.

This sectional is comfortable and stylish, but also a highly useable sofa. A Global Furniture USA product, this sofa has a contemporary style and shape that makes it extremely versatile.

It has a near-symmetrical shape and rounded back which gives it a modern feel and really makes it the centerpiece of the room. However, its contemporary edge is balanced out well with the warm tones of its honey-colored leather. It has a commanding presence, but an inviting one.

This blend of imposing style with warm and inviting tones makes it a sofa that could work well in a wide variety of rooms. In a living room with very modern art or exotic looks and angular motifs, this piece would provide a softening element that could provide cohesion and continuity throughout the room. In a living room with more traditional or even outdated patterns and styles, this piece could spice things up and add a touch of elegance and flair.


  • Because of its symmetrical round shape, this sofa could be difficult to shove into a corner. It needs space, so it might not be the best idea for cramped or small living rooms.
  • The wooden armrests and built-in low-rider table could potentially limit your decorating or redecorating options.


  • The wooden armrests and built-in low-rider table are extremely convenient and helpful in avoiding spilled drinks or snack bowls.
  • The honey color of the leather makes it fairly resilient to dirt and stains from children or spills.
  •  The rounded shape of this sofa makes it versatile; it is great for a family movie night, but also conducive to conversation.