Divorce Prevention Sofa Shopping- Picking A Style & Color That Works For Him And Her

Wilson American FootballAlthough it can sound funny to talk about having “couch wars” at the furniture store, there is truth to the fact that few couples discuss their sofa style preferences before the wedding. It isn’t until a couple starts shopping for home decor that the truth comes out; men and women can have completely opposite ideas of what they want in a sofa style. He might want manly brown leather. She might want all things light and airy. Imagine the union between a hunter husband who wants a rustic hunting lodge look and his ultra-feminine partner who insists on pale Ivory velvet upholstery with girly touches of lace and  dainty floral accessories. Can we say major compromising dilemma?

I thought it would be interesting to offer a male perspective on this war of the sofas and how one couple managed to stay married even though both had extremely different tastes in living room furniture:


I remember when my wife and I first went out to pick out the color scheme for our apartment. She wanted to pick out pretty pink flowers for almost EVERYTHING. I just couldn’t deal with this. I wanted to get a stylish black leather couch, you know, the ones that depict a manly look of power and prestige. But of course this didn’t fly. We had to come to a common decision that would make us both happy; so we picked tan.

Here’s the truth of the matter: the man really doesn’t care about he color scheme for your sofa. He just wants something that he can sit on, be relaxed, and watch the football game. That being said, a pretty pink sofa will make him feel like hes living in a princess fairytale, and that just doesn’t go along with football.


What kind of sofas do women like?

Women are mostly concerned with how the sofa looks with the rest of the furniture in the house. They will want to choose something that has a similar color other furniture around it. That being said, they probably don’t care as much about the comfort of it.


What kind of sofas do men like?

Men want a sofa that will be really comfortable to lie down on. They also like sofas with cool different tools on them, like cup holders, beer fridges, and remote controls for their TVs. These are things that youll find in a bachelors apartment, but rarely in a family house. Why? Its because the woman has come in and put her foot down ?


A sofa for both men and women

The best kind of sofa that both men and women will like is something that is really comfortable for a man and beautiful for a woman. If you are a woman reading this then you need to give your man the illusion that he is part of the choosing process. Instead of asking him what he wants, just give him choices when youre out looking. Ask his opinion on couches you like and he’ll give you an honest answer. But don’t ask him to outright choose one or he’ll automatically go for ones you won’t like. If you’re a man reading this, then you’re screwed ? She’s going to get the sofa she likes, so just go along for the ride, and don’t spill anything on that new sofa!

– Mike Thomas


That was an eye-opener for the ladies and gents alike.  Married folks have a lot of adjustments to make, so understanding gender preferences is great for couples who are home decorating. It is nice to know  that couples with extremely different tastes in decor don’t have to settle for a boring generic tan couch as long as the man is comfortable and the woman feels like her home looks nice. They still have many options that can work for both.


I am still not sure about the couple that I mentioned above; it may take them a long while to find decor that blends hunting lodge ruggedness with pale, velvety girly textures. Best wishes!


Image Credits: Football, Wikimedia Commons, Pink Flower, By Kotzian (Own work) www.gnu.org/copyleft/fdl.html, ( CC-BY-3.0 )