Best Adjustable Sofa Bed-Futon Sleepers Under $200 Dollars

With the average price of a furniture store sofa bed in the hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, that dream seating piece can seem out of range for those on a tight budget. I have a sofa bed myself, and they can be quite pricey due to their intricate design and added interior frame work. The good news is that there are visually-appealing options online that give you all the benefits of a handy sleeping spot/ day sitting piece without the extra-high price tag that usually comes along with it. What I found are three options with a 4-star or higher customer satisfaction rating. Here are the styles under $200 dollars to consider:

Adjustable Sofa By AtHomeMart In Sand

What I like about this product is the fact that it costs less than the average twin-sized mattress set, yet it does double-duty as both a day couch and a night bed. The sand color upholstery works with just about any kind of decorating theme and the extra attention the manufacturers made to the texture of this product gives it a bit more flair than a smooth model. In my opinion, this is a pretty sophisticated-looking futon sleeper for less than the price of a twin bed set.

See the shipping details and specifications here.

Cons: No side arms and only one customer review ( although it is positive).

Pros: You can’t beat the price for a versatile seating item like this. Even if you choose to upgrade later, this sofa could still have  practical benefits for guest bedding in a den, office or basement. This color is a great option for lighter decor.



Futon Sofa Bed with Button Tufted Design in Black Vinyl Leather Finish By Home Life

Looking at the photo, I can say that the mattress/ seating cushion design looks a lot thicker and more substantial than many of the inexpensive sofa bed-futon sleepers online that I have researched. Even though many of them are budget-friendly, they are a huge waste of money when you can’t get a good nights sleep. Some of the “mattresses” are so thin, even a choosy dog or cat would prefer a carpeted floor. Although the item appears brownish in the photo, the maker, Superior Importers Company, states this sofa shade as black. See the color up close here.

Cons: This probably won’t work if you are super-tall. The center seam area is the part that can cause discomfort, but if you can fit on either side of that, it will be more comfortable. No arms on the side on this one.

Pros: This product gets positive reviews. It isn’t perfect, but it seems to be a satisfactory purchase for a design of its type and its affordable price range.


Futon Sofa Bed Black Fold Down Center Vinyl Leather Finish Black Legs Middle Cup Holder Tray By Home Life

This racy seating item has a cool vibe and  3-way practicality for your money. You can not only use it as a bed by night, but as a couch and lounge area to enjoy drinks.  The added cup holder tray comes in handy if you need to squeeze it into a tight space or if you haven’t had time to set up end tables. The shiny surface should be a breeze to wipe down and keep clean; this one wont be a lint magnet if your cat happens to enjoy watching t.v. with an ice cold drink in his paw. Check the price and read what others have to say.

Cons: Again, another seating design in black that might not be the preferred shade for your main decorating theme.

Pros: This product has good reviews by existing customers. For the money, you are getting a snazzier, more modern look that can make the piece seem more expensive than it really is.

My Own Opinions On The World Of Budget-Priced Sofa Beds-Futon Sleepers

After researching and reading up on the various styles of inexpensive sleepers online, I  see a pattern that could also be considered a real need by shoppers when it comes to this type of furniture:

  • Why do these products always seem to come in shades of brown or black? There doesn’t seem to be anything out there in girly colors that are also inexpensive, comfortable and come with high ratings.
  • The bright, fun colors that come with top-quality cushioning cost so much money, you may as well buy a regular sofa.
  • Paper thin, rock-hard mattresses with rickety legs are not going to cut it with futon buyers anymore. People plan on living life on a daily basis with their convertible seating, so manufacturers need to keep that in mind.
  • How about some options with side arms that cost less than $200?