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Hello. My name is Lisa, or as I am better known online, L.Perry. Perhaps you landed here because you too have a heart for home decorating, fine furniture and checking out product reviews online.  As a devoted writer, I decided to put this website together so I could combine the topics of home decor, product reviews, online bargains and writing all into one informative site for you to enjoy.

This site is focused on the sectional style sofa and all the quirks and perks that they can offer a consumer.  Anybody that works hard for a living needs a comfortable well-made seating piece to come home to. Some people may find coming home to the sofa more exciting than coming home to their spouse. If you have ever thought, ” I cant wait to get home and plop on the couch!“, then you and I have a lot in common. 🙂

They don’t exactly make a house a home, but they sure do make coming home a lot more comfortable.

 It would be hard to live comfortably or function well without one. That is what this site is all about; exploring sectional world to discover the best possibilities for creating a functional, beautiful room.


 Thank you for visiting.  If you ever have any questions about something you see here on this site, please feel free to contact me.