2 Sectionals Under $600 Dollars With Positive Reviews

Because the Internet has become so vast, furniture shoppers are sometimes faced with more choices than they know what to do with. Sometimes manufacturers offer easy search tools on their websites that let you narrow down exactly what you are looking for. Unfortunately, not all of these businesses have a section for customer feedback. Why is feedback from other buyers such a big deal when it comes to sofas and other large home furnishings?

Other than not wanting to purchase a “lemon”, I think the biggest reason is because ordering online makes you feel far away from the business should anything go wrong.  There can be great satisfaction knowing you saved a lot of money on a couch purchase. However, there can also be one huge headache to deal with if you piece together a sofa that comes in parts only to have the hassle of sending it back to the manufacturer.  Returning something as large as a sectional sofa by mail is definitely not something I would want to experience and I am sure you don’t either.

More than likely, you need a sofa sooner rather than later. I can’t imagine waiting for a shipment, getting it all together, then finding out my sofa is a piece of junk. Reviews are great because they let you get a feel for the quality of an item based on how many folks are generally satisfied with it. Below are two options priced below $600 dollars that get positive marks from the people who purchased them:

Cannes Reversible Left / Right Sectional Couch with Free Ottoman in Faux Leather

Faux leather was invented as a great alternative for people who love the look of leather, but don’t love the price tag that typically comes with real leather furniture.  One of the decorating benefits of this model is that the manufacturer offers it in the three colors; Black, Cream and Espresso.  View the color options here.

Cons: As of this post, there is only one review, albeit a positive one. It’s always a plus to read the opinions of more than one person. To my eyes, the sofa appears low-slung and close to the floor. This is a potential con for those who have difficulty getting up from low seating.

Pros: This sofa is super-affordable. The fact that you get a reversible chaise option and a matching ottoman for one low price is a great deal. The dimensions are good for smaller spaces. The biggest pro is that this product comes in a pretty cream shade. It can be frustrating to see so much dark upholstery in the discount furniture market when your taste prefers light and airy decor.

Bobkona Manhanttan Reversible Microfiber 3-Piece Sectional Sofa with Faux Leather Ottoman in Pebble Color

One of the most interesting things about this set is the two-tone color combination and the different textiles used as upholstery. I am sure this style has a general classification, but when I look at it, I see many interpretations: modern, contemporary, eclectic and even retro.

Tone on tone upholstery is either something you consider visually-appealing, or not your cup of tea. This style of sofa reminds me of the color-blocking technique you can find on designer dresses.  It  comes in a few color choices that include the Sage model shown at the top of this page. The Pebble color is popular.

Cons: Everybody and their Grandmother has probably seen this sofa online and on Amazon. This is okay if you don’t care what people think. This is not so good if you like to maintain an air of mystery and intrigue about what brands you buy and where you shop.

Pros: The Bobkona Manhanttan is a good starter sofa for young people getting their first apartment or for those on a budget who still want a trendy-looking couch. The pillows come with purchase.